Making Kubernetes easy allows you to manage and scale Kubernetes applications with a graphical interface accessible to all.

Kubernetes without constraints! lets you install Kubernetes in single or multi-node mode on physical servers or VMs hosted by any type of hosting provider.

Helm vous permet de valoriser l'écosystème Helm

High multi-cloud availability Pack8s manages Kubernetes clusters in high availability, multicloud or mixed: Cloud x OnPremise


Replication / High availability

Automatically promote a new Primary server in the event of failure, with automatic reconfiguration of Standbys

Continuous backup / PITR backs up your cluster every minute
Restore a cluster to the state it was in at a specific minute.

Database copies/backups

Copy, backup and restore databases to all AWS S3 and compatible storage devices

Make your server behaves as muppets ! automatically redeploys applications in the event of a disaster

Different high-availability strategies :

  • Active / Passive
  • Active / Passive "Eco"
  • Active /active (soon with for Yugabyte)

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Remote Development automates the installation of remote development servers

Code Server dans LXC

Code Server

Code Server dans Kubernetes

CodeServer dans Kubernetes


Several management modes for fine-tuned control of cluster and application security.

Private Clusters

Private clusters are deployed in a private network (physical or mesh) and are inaccessible outside this private network.

Public Clusters

It's a private cluster completed with a device (e.g. LoadBalancer) to make it publicly accessible (internally).

Additional IP filtering on public clusters

Muppy features a number of mechanisms to enhance the security of public clusters and/or applications.

  • White (and black) list of IPs accessing a cluster
  • Whitelist of IPs with access to an Application
  • Mail validation of IP addresses accessing an Application

CI / CD 

muppy facilitates the continuous deployment of developments.


Monitoring and traceability

Ajoutez un super slogan : Le mieux c'est de l'essayer.

Supporting Grafana


management of Prometheus


Traceability of all operations

All operations carried out by are tracked and recorded.