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PostgreSQL clusters at La Poste @ La Poste DSCC

Find out how La Poste Services-Courriers-Colis Division has carried out the Oracle to PostgreSQL migration for the database supporting the APIZ ERP with our partner Audaxis and the solution in an on Premise version

"... a desire to equip ourselves with a tool capable of supporting very high volumes and offering greater resilience and scalability, while guaranteeing maximum availability.
It was then decided to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL ... in the run-up to this migration, La Poste's technical teams were trained in the postgreSQL database management and administration tool, which simplifies and increases the reliability of high-availability, multicloud PostgreSQL infrastructures.
Now in production for almost 2 years, the solution offers La Poste numerous advantages: real-time backup, instant replication, fail-over, PITR (Point in Time recovery, etc.). "

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