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With for PostgreSQL, take back control of the servers that host your PostgreSQL databases by giving your teams super powers.

Muppy enables your teams to deploy and manage PostgreSQL clusters with :

  • Replication & High Availability (fail over),

  • Multi-clouds & multi-datacenters

  • Backups

  • Continuous Backups with PITR

A unique and cost-effective solution designed to make developers' lives easier and save time for your Devops.

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* In French : Faites de vos serveurs des marionnettes

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The benefits of for PostgreSQL


Easily deploy PostgreSQL clusters on different cloud providers or even in hybrid mode

Mastering your infrastructure

Optimized costs

Replaces a DBaaS service at a lower cost

Example of gain: OVH/ cluster
vs. AWS managed DB

Freedom of choice of rescue sites

A unique solution

A single control interface
(Backup, replication, High Availability, DB locks)

Easy to handle

Make your servers behave as muppets !

Give great PostgreSQL administration powers to your system and Ops teams.

Muppy allows you to manage the most complex PostgreSQL High Availability and Multi-Cloud infrastructures!

A complete, self-contained solution's multi-cloud / multi-datacenter support maximizes the reliability of PostgreSQL infrastructures.'s ability to operate any type of server maximizes the performance and optimizes the cost of PostgreSQL infrastructures.

The range of technologies (Replication, High Diponibility, PITR) managed by address all RPO* and RTO* objectives in all types of environments (Cloud, On Premise, mixed).

Finally, greatly reduces the workload involved in setting up PostgreSQL infrastructures:

  • It's a fully UI-driven global solution that makes PostgreSQL administration accessible to Ops profiles, and even to developers in startups.

  • is designed to make all PostgreSQL parameters accessible (instead of hidden in a black box), making it relevant to all users, from beginners to expert DBAs.

Experience has shown that complex architecture implementation times can be reduced from 4 months to just a few hours!

PostgreSQL risk analysis and mitigation with

* RPO : Recovery Point Objective - Maximum length of time the organization can accept to lose data during an incident
* RTO : Recovery Time Objective - Maximum permissible interruption of a resource or service for PostgreSQL features

Setup installs your PostgreSQL clusters and helps you optimize them. can install your PostgreSQL clusters on any type of server, physical or VM! lets you manage even the most complex disk configurations.

Backup /  Databases Restoration

Back up and restore your databases in all AWS S3 and compatible storage

Copies of Databases

Install and Optimize your PostgreSQL Clusters

Cloud Ready

Muppy allows you to add a powerful PostgreSQL Database layer to your applications deployed in Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes,

Security manages the security of your PostgreSQL clusters by automatically and systematically configuring your servers' firewalls. also helps you define the contents of the pg_hba.conf file for total control of access to your clusters and databases.

Administration features practical administration functions: user management, database management, activity analysis, lock analysis, etc.

Streaming Replication

In just a few seconds, you can set up data replication between clusters and monitor its operation.

Change Primaries in one click, automatically reconfigures all Standbys. Of course, you can add or remove clusters whenever you like...

High Availability

Beyond postgreSQL replication, Muppy allows you to define policies to automatically promote a new primary server in case of failure and reconfigure all clusters and applications that depend on them.

Standby Monitoring

Muppy constantly monitors PostgreSQL Standby Clusters and notifies you as soon as one of them is no longer reachable.

Backup et restauration PITR (wal-G)

In just a few seconds, you can activate the "PITR", which backs up your cluster every minute. then lets you restore a cluster to the state it was in at a given minute.


All Muppy features can be implemented in Multi-Cloud; a Primary Cluster can be replicated in Standby located in different Clouds / at different providers! for PostgreSQL

The solution is available as SaaS or On Premise for the Enterprise version.

The SaaS version is invoiced on the basis of a fixed fee plus a variable component. The variable part is calculated on the basis of the GB RAM of the PostgreSQL servers managed by Muppy.

SaaS Edition


  • Access to all PostgreSQL modules and features
  • Mode SaaS
  • Assistance au Setup incluse
  • Service d'accompagnement et de support en ligne



  • Access to all PostgreSQL modules and features
  • On Premise
  • Installation, intégration et accompagnement
  • Dedicated assistance