Ours Partners

Benefit from innovative training and tools

We train your teams at and give you to test and demonstration environments

Propose an innovative solution

With offer your customers a PostgreSQL High Availability Multi-clouds Devops solution!

Integrate with our support

As a partner, you benefit from the assistance of our consultants, both in pre-sales and during implementation.

Become a Partner

To properly address the needs of the most demanding customers in France and internationally, relies on a network of developing partners. 

Muppy's SAAS platform is operated by but we rely on a network of partners for the integration of On Premise and the support of all customers. 

There are 2 levels of partnership:

Business Partners

Business Partners are prescribers and resellers of the solution.

VAR Partner  (Value Added Reseller) 

VAR Partners are prescribers, resellers of the solution and integrators of at the customers.

You want to become a partner

Join us and move up a gear.