Reprenez le contrôle du cloud avec ! allows you to manage your infrastructures in multicloud, high availability and high performance is a platform that offers multi-cloud or multi-datacenter infrastructure management via add-ons (muppyCore, PostgreSQL, kubernetes, kafka, Odoo...) in a single solution.

Regain control of your infrastructure and data supports you in your access to technology to create high availability applications.


Our references

Cloud Ready lets you add a high-performance PostgreSQL database layer to your applications

Manage high-availability applications deployed in Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes , ....


All hosting providers offer servers that Muppy can configure in PostgreSQL High Availability Cluster.
Muppy SaaS is itself hosted in High Availability by French providers.

Open Source installs only Open Source solutions to guarantee you a total control of your infrastructure.

Developer friendly

Muppy's Database Copy, PITR and Replica Creation functions give your developers "instant" access to the Databases they need., develop, deploy and manage

Based on core, which offers host management (Traefik, S3, LXD, Code-Server (vscode), Driver OVH & Cloudflare, Tailscale, ...) manage your platform with the add-ons available from the store or develop your own with developer.