PostgreSQL High Availability in Multi-Cloud

With Muppy, manage your PostgreSQL databases in High Availability between the clouds of your choice with an Open Source tool

Features of Muppy PostgreSQL


Install and Optimize your PostgreSQL Clusters

Backup /  Databases Restoration

Back up and restore your databases in all AWS S3 and compatible storage

Copies of Databases

Install and Optimize your PostgreSQL Clusters


Muppy constantly manages the firewall of your servers


Muppy has the most common Administration features

Streaming Replication

Muppy allows you to configure (in one operation) Replication on a server group and monitor its proper functioning. 

High Availability

Beyond postgreSQL replication, Muppy allows you to define policies to automatically promote a new primary server in case of failure and reconfigure all clusters and applications that depend on them.

Standby Monitoring

Muppy constantly monitors PostgreSQL Standby Clusters and notifies you as soon as one of them is no longer reachable.


Restore a Cluster to the state it was at one time in the past.


All Muppy features can be implemented in Multi-Cloud; a Primary Cluster can be replicated in Standby located in different Clouds / at different providers!

Make your servers behave as muppets !

Give great PostgreSQL administration powers to your system and Ops teams.

Muppy allows you to manage the most complex PostgreSQL High Availability and Multi-Cloud infrastructures!

Cloud Ready

Muppy allows you to add a powerful PostgreSQL Database layer to your applications deployed in Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, ...


All hosting providers offer servers that Muppy can configure in PostgreSQL High Availability Cluster.
Muppy SaaS is itself hosted in High Availability with French suppliers.

Open Source

Muppy PostgreSQL only installs open source solutions to guarantee you full control of your Databases.

Developper Friendly

Muppy's Database Copy, PITR and Replica Creation functions give your developers "instant" access to the Databases they need. 

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