for Odoo,
Une solution pour gérer et héberger vos applications Odoo
Haute Dispo, à l'échelle et de façon sécurisée for Odoo your Odoo development, deployment and hosting solution.

Your Odoo applications, Community Edition or Enterprise Edition, standard or customized, totally under control, always available and with no risk of data loss. for Odoo, the solution for managing your Odoo projects and applications.


muppy for odoo

With for Odoo, access all devops functionalitiesto manage your Odoo applications at every stage of the project

Project phase

A solution for managing the entire project phase, with development management tools.

Roll-out phase

Tools for the continuous deployment of your functionalities and to ensure the roll-over or roll-back of your devs.

In the accommodation phase

Manage your services in production, backup, high availability, at scale, multi-cloud

Discover for odoo.

Access a powerful Devops solution

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Au delà d'une solution Devops,  vous avez besoin de services en phase projet pour réaliser l'intégration d'Odoo 

Vous avez un projet Odoo, vous vous posez la question du choix entre Odoo Community ou Enterprise ? du standard, du spécifique, vous avez besoin d'accompagnement ?