The advantages of

An autonomous and complete solution 

Muppy's multi-cloud / multi-datacenter support maximizes the reliability of PostgreSQL infrastructures.

By allowing all types of servers to be operated, Muppy maximizes performance and optimizes the cost of PostgreSQL infrastructures.

The package of technologies (Replication, High Availability, PITR) managed by Muppy allows you to address all RPO* and RTO* objectives in all types of environments (Cloud, On Premise, mixed)

Finally, Muppy greatly reduces the workload of implementing PostgreSQL infrastructures:

  • It is a global fully UI-driven solution that makes PostgreSQL administration accessible to Ops profiles, or even developers in startups.

  • Muppy  is designed to make all "PostgreSQL" parameters accessible (instead of hiding them in a black box) which makes it relevant to all users from beginner to expert DBA.

Experience shows a compression of the implementation times of complex architecture from 4 months to a few hours!

PostgreSQL risk analysis and mitigation with Muppy

* RPO: Recovery Point Objective - Maximum duration than recording of data that the organization can agree to lose in an incident 
* RTO: Recovery Time Objective - Maximum allowable interruption time of a resource or service